Combatting Gossip: Christian Leadership and the 1-3-1 Framework

In this episode of ‘Wisdom on Fire,’ Dr. Jay Hawthorne addresses the detrimental effects of gossip in the workplace and introduces strategies to combat it through Compassionate Coaching and the 1-3-1 Problem Management Framework. Dr. Hawthorne explains how Christian leaders can handle gossip by promoting healthy communication and problem resolution while fostering a positive work culture. The episode emphasizes the importance of clarity and actionable solutions in maintaining team dynamics and community, grounded in Christian ethics and wisdom.


00:00 Introduction to Wisdom on Fire

01:37 Clarifying the Problem of Gossip

03:27 Understanding the Impact of Gossip

06:56 Compassionate Coaching Approach

10:23 Implementing the 1-3-1 Framework

14:18 Reflective Questions for Leaders

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