Uncover the Truth: Finding Meaning at Work ShowNotes

Connecting to intrinsic human value to find meaning at work

Finding Meaning in Work through Christian Wisdom In this episode of Wisdom on Fire, Dr. Jay discusses how Christian leaders can find meaning in their work. Sharing his personal journey of overcoming a period of doubt and feeling devalued in his marketing job, he explains how reflecting on the Roman Empire helped him see the broader significance of his work. He introduces mental models to avoid the traps that can dehumanize and devalue work, and underscores the importance of connecting work with intrinsic value by drawing on examples like the parable of the builders from Christopher Wren. Dr. Jay also addresses the harmful secular-sacred split and offers practical tips for Christian leaders to maintain a vision of meaningful work.

Show Timeline

00:00 Introduction to Wisdom on Fire

00:12 Finding Meaning at Work

00:17 The Roman Empire and Work Significance

00:24 Mental Models and Work Devaluation

00:38 The Parable of The Builders

00:47 Personal Story: Struggles with Work Value

04:01 The Roman Chariot and Space Shuttle Connection

06:42 The Meaning Triad: Significance, Purpose, and Intelligibility

09:18 The Secular-Sacred Split and Its Impact

13:24 Personalizing Value and Purpose

14:32 Intrinsic Value in Work 15:51 Recommended Reading for Fortifying Mindset

16:20 The Parable of the Bricklayers 21:39 Connecting Work to God’s Story

22:28 Evaluating Your Mindset 24:15 Conclusion and Call to Action

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