The Story Behind Wisdom on Fire.

Wisdom on Fire is the result of years of trying to implement my (Dr. Jay) faith in everything I do. As I have helped other christian leaders grow in their faith and integrate the Bible and the wisdom of Christians throughout history, I have captured those moments that have had the most impact.

Wisdom is the truth in which we discern and acquire our highest good.

Augustine, On Free Choice of the Will, Book II

Meet Your Host

Jay’s main job is serving Jesus, but he is cleverly disguised as an CEO for a family hydraulics business. Additionally, he does some coaching, speaking, and teaching when he has time.

Church is a top priority to participate and to serve. As for hobbies, Jay enjoys martial arts with his family, fishing, date nights, and reading.

Matcha, coffee, Kombucha, and gluten-free treats are Jay’s weaknesses.

Dr. Jay Hawthorne

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