The Christian Leader’s Guide to Spiritual Assurance

Regaining Spiritual Connection: Overcoming the Dark Night of the Soul In this episode, Dr. Jay provides Christian leaders with a framework to regain their peace and intimacy with God during periods of spiritual disorientation. Acknowledging the struggles of feeling disconnected despite faithful practices, he introduces the ‘CLIMB’ framework, which stands for Capacity, Life-stage, Intelligence shifts, Metric mistakes, and Being present. Dr. Jay emphasizes the importance of understanding one’s spiritual journey and encourages leaders not to feel alone in their experiences, offering support through biblical references and personal stories.

00:00 Introduction: Reconnecting with God

01:36 Understanding the Dark Night of the Soul

01:45 The CLIMB Framework: A Path to Spiritual Assurance

07:04 Capacity Change: Embracing Spiritual Growth

09:35 Life Stages: Navigating Spiritual Maturity

12:57 Intelligence Shift: Adapting to New Spiritual Insights

15:34 Metric Mistakes: Redefining Success in Faith

18:56 Being Present: Embracing the Now with Christ

22:10 Conclusion: Fanning the Flame of Christian Wisdom

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